Monday, November 2, 2009

Sentry9000 Showcased at the 2009 Health & Nutrion Expo in Lubbock, Tx.

Sentry9000, a leader in Food Safety Management is proud to announce that its environmentally friendly Bluetooth Temperature Probe, Hand-held PDA, and Web-based Data Management System will be showcased at the 2009 Health & Nutrition Expo in Lubbock, Texas on December 10, 2009.

The Sentry9000 Digital HACCP Food Service Management System takes advantage of the latest in Bluetooth technology and web-based data organization and storage to increase safety in the food service industry. Sentry9000 was developed in 2005 in response to the USDA mandate requiring school cafeterias to have a documented HACCP and food safety program in place. The USDA Guidelines and the subsequent SOP’s issued by the National Food Safety Management Institute (NFSMI) at the University of Mississippi requires not only HACCP, but also the additional preventative measures associated with an overall food safety program.

This includes collecting and storing data regarding receiving ingredients, ingredient storage temperatures, hot and cold equipment holding temperatures, sink and dishwasher water temperatures and the routine completion of a 3-page food safety checklist developed by the USDA.

Sentry9000 has revolutionized data collection to meet the HACCP as well as the ancillary requirements of the mandate. Sentry9000 uses a small, handheld computer, Personal Digital Assistant(PDA), that has all the required food safety forms downloaded on a user-friendly interface. The PDA also communicates with a Bluetooth Temperature Probe that wirelessly captures the prepared, cooked, and served hot and cold food temperatures. The temperature data collected is transmitted real-time to a customized website that organizes the data into an easily accessible format.

The website not only organizes and stores the daily food and equipment temperatures for each kitchen, but is also a very powerful management tool. The web site is a cornucopia of information with powerful reporting tools for viewing data in many different formats. A Job Info page is created for each menu item and reflects all the actions in detail for that menu item from cooking, to serving, to leftovers, to reheating and also includes all the warmer and serving line temperatures during the meals. In the case of a regulatory concern or a judicial concern, this is the information that shows that the cafeteria met all of the requirements expected to provide a safe food product.

With the website’s Reporting Tool, reports can be created to organize the information collected by one day, one week, one month or 10 years of data. Sentry9000’s custom website also provides tools for recording and managing employee training records, and tools for inventory and equipment management. Sentry9000 was created to enhance the food safety protocol, but has expanded to be a complete food service management system.

The obvious advantage to digital data vs. paper data is the savings of time and labor which results in money savings, but more importantly is the increase in personal responsibility, accountability and accuracy in food handling and preparation that comes with digital and automated data collection. This provides the basis for improving the food safety procedures and overall operation of the kitchen food preparation.

The USDA HACCP guidelines and the NFSMI SOP’s provide paper forms and instructions for accomplishing the tasks. However, the questions of interpretation, actual accomplishment, truthful and timely data entry and conformity of procedure do arise. It is interesting to note that directors learn that their managers had not been doing the tasks as they had imagined they were once Sentry9000 is installed and the facts are known. With Sentry9000 in place, the exact time when the temperature is taken and who is taking the temperature is recorded and transmitted real-time to the website. All data entered is coded with a digital signature, a date and time stamp and it cannot be erased.

Sentry9000 not only collects data, but analyzes the data and automatically generates a corrective action form if the data does not meet pre-set requirements. When data is entered on the PDA that is outside the limits for any cooking or cold food temperatures or when there is a NO answer that should be a YES, a corrective action form immediately appears and provides the options to correct the problem…..continue cooking, rapidly chill, discard, etc.

Food service personnel can’t forget to take a temperature. Workers can’t take a temperature now and hope to remember to record it later. The best compliment for Sentry9000 came from a cafeteria worker when she said, “It makes us do things right.”

The Sentry9000 HACCP Food Service Management System

Eliminates the subjectivity related to human error.
Eliminates the objective errors related to human error.
Uses web-based information organization and storage for easy access to critical data.
Initiates accountability with digital time stamped data collection that is transmitted real-time via internet.
Provides extensive savings in labor, material, maintenance and storage associated with using paper forms.
Creates an environmentally friendly solution to information collection and storage for the food service industry.

Sentry9000 Inc. is a food safety and technology company; not a hardware company. Dr. Larry Wyatt, President and founder of Sentry9000 Inc., has been actively involved in food safety since 1973. Dr. Wyatt has worked with HACCP, food safety and quality control at Ralston-Purina, Red Lobster, Silliker Laboratories and The Cheesecake Factory. He has used his more than 30 years of food safety experience to develop the premier food safety system for food service industry.

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