Thursday, June 25, 2009

What is Sentry9000?

Sentry9000 is your complete automated wireless HACCP documentation, Kitchen and Food Safety Management System.

Basically, it’s Food Safety at your fingertips!!

Based on Standard Operating Procedures required, the USDA, and The National Food Service Management Institute Guidelines, Sentry9000 has put all of the necessary food safety forms into a handheld computer that records real-time data and wirelessly transmits critical information to a website for easy viewing and for monitoring from on offsite location. You will know who collected the data and what time temperatures were taken. This puts you in control of your kitchen with the click of a button.

Not only does Sentry9000 record data but it will analyze the information collected and alert you if something is not right. Maintaning safe food temperatures is critical in preserving Food Safety. If a temperature collected is out of the designated safe temperature zone an alert will be sent to the administrator and the incident will remain until a corrective action has been documented. Now you know if a freezer is out before the ice cream has had time to melt!

But that is just the beginning Sentry9000 is so much more than data storage…

It can also wirelessly monitor the temperatures in your walk-in and reach-in freezers and warmers.

It will allow you to schedule and log employee food safety education and certification.

It can catalog cafeteria equipment, schedule and detail regular equipment maintenance, and track your inventory so you keep your cafeteria running smoothly.

So now that you have gathered all of this important informatio, Sentry9000 will allow you to take that data and create professional, concise, and informative reports with ease… more chasing the paper trail to find and report on critical information.

There are also added benefits to installing Sentry9000

Sentry 9000 is environmentally friendly, by eliminating ALL HACCP, Standard Operating Procedures, and National Food Safety Management forms we stop the paper trail. So do away with the old clipboards! Go digital and Go Green!!

Plus everyone is into saving money these days. Sentry 9000 will save you money on reduced labor costs, reduced food waste and reduced energy consumption. Cut costs not food safety!!

Then there is the most important benefit of all, our children’s health and safety. Bring the food safety in your cafeteria to the next level. Food Safety is our #1 Priority…..Is it yours?

To find out more about Sentry9000 visit our website at or please call us at 1.800.519.7657.