Wednesday, October 14, 2009

“Green” Food Safety Technology that the Food Service Industry can sink its teeth into - Digital HACCP Documentation and Web-based Data Management.

Sentry9000 is revolutionizing how School Cafeterias address Food Safety with improved and enhanced procedures with digital data to replace the stack of paper forms. Sentry9000 has digitized all of the necessary food safety forms based on Standard Operating Procedures, the USDA, and The NFSMI Guidelines into a handheld computer. The hand-held PDA records real-time data and wirelessly transmits critical information to a customized website for easy viewing and monitoring on the Internet.

So, what does this mean? NO more HACCP Paperwork!! Imagine the impact that will have on offices and the environment. There are forms for cooking temperatures, cold food temperatures, vendor receiving, food safety checklists, equipment temperatures, equipment inventory, production reports, leftover handling, and the list goes on and on. Sentry9000 has developed the software to replace every necessary form with a digital form on a hand-held computer. The forms are then viewable from a website that is generated for each specific school district.

Eliminating the paperwork has a snowball effect in the handling and organizing data. Paper forms have to be stored in binders, clipboards, or filing cabinets. With the paperwork gone, there are no more binders, clipboards, or filing cabinets. Access to the information is only a touch away with the keyboard on a computer. So, wherever there is internet, there is access to the cafeteria’s data.

Digitizing information is a concept that is utilized in almost every aspect of daily life. Paper has become an archaic system for recording and organizing data. Computers and Internet have transformed the management of information.

The downsides of paper documentation:

Cost of Paper
Purchase time and inventory of paper
Time to create paper forms
Time and space to store paper forms
Time for employee to fill out paperwork
Time to review employee data of paperwork
No way to track accuracy of data
Time to locate a form to respond to possible food borne illness or regulatory inquiry.
Missing papers or information needed.
Throwing out paperwork once it is out of date.
Environmental impact of paper waste.

Sentry9000 not only provides a means to do away with all the paperwork, but also provides a HACCP and food safety tool that is also a kitchen management tool. Sentry9000 is your complete, automated wireless HACCP Documentation, Kitchen and Food Safety Management System.
Sentry9000, a leader in Food Safety Management is proud to announce that its environmentally friendly Bluetooth Temperature Probe, Hand-held PDA, and Web-based Data Management System will be showcased at the 2009 Region 1 Food Service Product Show on October 15th in South Padre, Texas.
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