Monday, February 22, 2010

Sentry9000 featured product at the Texas Region 4 Annual Child Nutrition Showcase

The Future of Food Safety Technology - Paperless HACCP Documentation and Digital Production Reports.

Sentry9000, the leader in Food Safety Management is proud to announce that its cutting edge Digital HACCP System will be showcased as a “Featured Product” at this years Region 4 Annual Child Nutrition Showcase on March 4th at the William L. McKinney Conference Center in Houston, Texas.

Sentry9000 Digital HACCP System is the pioneer in automated data collection for school foodservice. Sentry9000 is a completely paperless HACCP Documentation, Temperature Monitoring, Kitchen and Food Safety Management System.

Based on Standard Operating Procedures required by the USDA and The National Food Service Management Institute Guidelines, Sentry9000 has put all of the necessary food safety forms into a handheld computer that records real-time data and wirelessly transmits critical information to a customized website for each school in a district for easy viewing and for monitoring. It is Internet based so it also can be viewed from an offsite location.

Not only does Sentry9000 record data but it will analyze the information collected and alert management when out of limit conditions occur. Maintaining safe food temperatures is critical in preserving Food Safety. If a temperature collected is out of the designated safe temperature zone a Corrective Action will be automatically created requiring the problem to be fixed to allow the program to move forward.

Digital data collection changes the work dynamic because the data is Real-Time. It records WHO takes temperatures, WHEN temperatures are taken, and WHAT menu items temperatures are taken. Accountability creates a more responsible kitchen staff. There is much improved data accuracy because temperatures are sent directly from a wireless Bluetooth temperature probe to the handheld computer without transcription error, time recording errors, forgetting and the other human errors that occur. Everything is time and date stamped with a digital signature of the person inputting the data when they take the data.

Sentry9000 prides its self on being an environmentally friendly company. Taking the necessary steps to eliminate ALL paperwork associated with HAACP and Food Safety in the kitchen and the ancillary programs that benefit HACCP. Sentry9000 not only provides the means to do away with all the paperwork, but also provides a kitchen management tool. Nowhere is this more evident than on the home page for each school where Incidents, Reports, Corrective Actions, Freezer and Cooler Temperatures and Food History are all available at a glance.

One of the greatest features of the Sentry9000 system is the Reporting capabilities. Once the data has been collected it can be organized into concise, informative reports.

Sentry9000 is a Food Safety company with a suite of products to enhance your Food Safety Program that is based on the HACCP program. These include:

Temperature monitoring of coolers and freezers – Sentry9000 installs wireless sensors that monitor the temperature and provide alarms and alerts when conditions arise for concern. This includes out of limit temperature conditions as well as lack of signal because of electrical failure. Monitoring of coolers and freezers are an ancillary program of HACCP that provides insurance against the loss of a freezer full of food over that long weekend or scheduled break.

Digital Production Reports – Sentry9000 utilizes the HACCP system that provides a production report based on meals that are prescheduled and allows easy changes to menu items and quantities at the different school grade levels. It can provide the pull amount for each ingredient and accounts for disposal of menu items at the end of the meal.

Menu Scheduling – Sentry9000 makes menu scheduling a breeze, have the entire years menus scheduled in minutes. The menu can be viewed monthly, yearly, or daily. Plus, the calendar on the Homepage allows for quick navigation through past, present, or future menu dates.

Employee Training – Sentry9000 includes a Training Schedule and Record as part of the basic HACCP program. All employees assigned to a single school will be on the Training Record for that school. The training that is scheduled will appear in an easily viewable schedule and a permanent record of training and other administrative actions.

For more information on Sentry9000 please visit To set up a meeting or free demo for your school please call 1-800-519-7657 or email Don’t forget to stop by their booth if you are in the area for the Region 4 Annual Child Nutrition Showcase on March 4th at the William L. McKinney Conference Center in Houston, Texas.